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Magnify Expansion Kit

The Magnify expansion kit chemically embeds biological specimens into a hydrogel and physically expands the specimen isotropically up 11 fold for improved imaging resolution using any existing microscope.The magnify expansion kit is a user-friendly and highly consistent system for tissue expansion microscopy. The Magnify protocol is designed for a streamlined, rapid-processing workflow that can be completed within a single day for any tissue type without compromising quality or detail. Five-reaction kits are available. If you opt into our beta-testing program, we offer a deep discount on these kits. Contact Magnify Biosciences for more information or to request a quote.

Mitotic U2OS cell nucleus fully expanded by Magnify kit (for cell culture), stain: DAPI. Acquired by Nikon Ti2 CSU-W1, 60× water immersion objective, NA1.25. Expansion factor 10×